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With the tour going just as planned…. A HUGE SUCCESS….. Gold International Diamond Barbara Wagner and International Diamond Preston Cranford momentarily stop to smell the roses!

Here is what Barbara has to say!

Sometimes one must stop and smell the roses. Preston and I are doing just that in Paris thanks to 4Life. When one works hard many rewards come your way…opportunities with adventure appear. We are on a 32 day trip to Europe in many different countries and right now loving Paris, including several trips to the Eiffel Tower, cruises down the Seine, bus tours all over the city, seeing Napoleon’s Tomb, and today the Louvre.  Paris is a multicultural city and we met lovely people that are very charming and fun to be with.

We are collecting all the phone numbers e-mails and such and would love to be back here for business!

It is an incredible feeling when one knows this could all be done because of 4Life… travelling and even living in different countries is all possible!

Tomorrow we will fly to Budapest… you will hear from us again

Au revoir!

Barbara & Preston

May 31, 2010

Onward to their next, beautiful location…. Hungary…. Barbara writes…

Here we are in beautiful Budapest, Hungary where we have a downline.

People are very appreciative since they came from a socialistic system and that means they were locked in their country for so many years. Now they can take advantage from free enterprise and learn about Network Marketing.

We had meetings with our people and that took place with our translator who is also a distributor, great to have someone who helps out to communicate.

There was enough time to do some sightseeing and it was wonderful for Preston to see the castle and parliament that is very impressive.

You will hear from us next from Berlin…. photos may follow! 🙂


June 3, 2010 UPDATE!!!

Now we are in Berlin, a very buzzing city, main capital of Germany. One needs lots of time to do sightseeing… but..we have our 2 day Team Bond workshop.

Duplication is the name of the game and I had every Team Bond Module translated by various people and Dr. Andreas Scheler has put it together as a book.. lookd great.

We had a Business opportunity meeting Saturday morning and afterwards started with different speakers and the Team Bond Product Builder training. We continued Sunday with Team Bond Business Builder training and the result was great.

My German group liked it a lot and thanks Bonnie very much for this incredible work she put together. Saturday evening we had a nice get together in a restaurant and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Now we are in Hamburg, my home city. Much smaller than Berlin (but still the 2nd largest city in Germany) with lots of greenery and water. As a matter of fact we have so many canals like Venice where you can go by boot and explore. There are more bridges than in Venice. Preston thinks it is the nicest city in Germany…

Even though I was born in Bavaria ( near Munich) I lived most of my time in Hamburg. You may imagine how fun it is to see my friends of 40 + years and I combine work with fun. Everyone is keen seeing us , preparing a nice meal and over dinner (outside in their beautiful green lushy gardens) we talk business.

In 2 days our president Steve Tew will come with Daniel Taylor, European manager for our corporate meeting. Many phone calls and e mails are done daily to make sure our prospects know what to expect. I fulfilled my dream…. getting friends and acquaintances in the business meanwhile we are having fun…

Where can you have this, which business would allow this?!! You work your own pace, have your own agenda and travel through Europe!!

I love my 4 Life business and am keen getting different nationalities involved…

Tschuess ( this means good bye)



June 9, 2010 UPDATE!!!

Report from Hamburg!

The Hamburg, Germany meeting held on June  was a terrific event with over 250 attendees at the Hamburg Marriott.
This is the most energetic German meeting that I have attended and the crowd went crazy when our President Steve
Tew was introduced and immediately started speaking perfect German.  They were amazed and very appreciative.
Gold International Carlos Rochas and myself  spoke as well as Ilona and Dr. Andreas Scheler  and the enthusiasm continued the rest of the night’s meeting.
Now we are in Munich and we met a new business person under Ilona who will move forward quickly because
she sees the potential.
So long and servus ( as the Bavarian say)

June 14, 2010 UPDATE

The highlight of our trip was the passion play in Oberammergau, Germany in Bavaria. One needs to live in a foreign country to appreciate the homeland even more and this happened with me when I decided finally to see the passion play.

The inhabitants of Oberammergau in the 1600’s were afraid theywere going to die because of a plaque in the whole area.
They prayed not to get it and made a vow that if they were spared they would play the passion play every 10 years.  They were spared and so the passion play began.
It is a remarkable performance that takes 5 hours and every day 5000 people will attend to see it.
My friends who live there are in the play and Preston and I do not have words to describe how impressive this was. Very remarkable and alive.
Bavaria is a beautiful part of Germany and my heart is beating higher when I see the green meadows
like nowhere else in the world, with happy cows and mountains. It takes the breath away when one sees this and it was a great ending of our long trip (32 days) here in Europe.
We will fly back to Hamburg tomorrow where I will see my distributors again and on Thursday we will be flying back.. knowing that this trip was possible because of 4Life.
Everywhere we went I talked to people , saw distributors and had fun. Great trip with lots of experience and new impressions… wonderful to make new friends.
Looking now forward to coming home to our cat Maxi.