Dennis & Faye McLain, RN – PRESIDENTIAL Diamonds

Dennis & Faye McLain, RN



I heard about 4Life Research in 2002 when I was a “burnt out RN” on medical leave, trying to recover from a health challenge that left me absolutely exhausted at the end of a normal workday.  A long time friend, who had recently experienced the benefits of Transfer Factor, cared enough about me to call and tell me about the power of this miracle product to balance and educate my immune system  – and recommended that I “just give it a try.”  I had prayed for an answer, and having already done all that I knew to do, I ordered 2 bottles of Transfer Factor Plus and enrolled as a distributor immediately.  I was the easiest enrollment she ever had – because I knew that, if it did for me and for my husband what it had done for her & her spouse, I would have to tell others about Transfer Factor.

I am a loyal person, so here I am nearly 8 years later, still telling others about these science-based, proven products that changed our health, that protect my family’s health and offer us an unlimited financial future.  I am so grateful to God and the founders and scientists of 4Life for making Transfer Factor available.  My husband and I are also pleased that our daughters benefit financially from being in our 4Life organization.

Faye McLain, RN


Team Bond Trainer


Faye McLain may very well become your favorite nurse and the person you would want by your bedside if you ever had major health challenges!  Her heart and her giving of herself is endless!  She deeply cares about everyone and everything, and will exhaust herself demonstrating these facts.  Her sense of humor continually makes you smile.  Her adventurous spirit will keep you energized and motivated.  I had the great pleasure of actually zip-lining with her in Costa Rica!  It was a fun experience to see her flying from tree to tree UPSIDE DOWN!  You can never underestimate Faye McLain!  Dennis McLain maintains incredible support of their efforts, which is a crucial part of building a team together.  As a nurse, Faye shares her great experience and knowledge with all of us as a Team Bond Trainer.  We are blessed to have such a couple on our team!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


3-8-09 Costa Rica Day Six 081


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