Dr. Gary & Candy Haagen – INTERNATIONAL Diamonds

Dr. Gary & Candy Haagen
United States


It is really my honor to announce Dr. Gary and Candy Haagen on our Team Bond website.  There is a long history to Team Bond, and in a way we can say that none of us would be here, in this successful organization without our beloved Haagens.

It was Gary’s consistent persistence that brought me into 4Life.  He tirelessly called me for six months before I would even listen to his suggestions.  For those of you who know my story, I began working 4Life in a ‘below broke’ condition. I had no means to work my business and would have never even started this process without the Haagens.  They supported every effort it took to create a solid foundation.  Step by step, Gary worked with me doing three way calls to prospects, sending information to people interested, following up with those who responded, training me in how 4Life’s business and products could best be used and so much more.

One day at a time we focused on creating this foundation.  Thanks to his incredible support and guidance, I achieved Diamond status in 30 days from the time I actually started working, Presidential Diamond 30 days after that and International Diamond at my one year anniversary.  Leaders were showing up on our team and growth began.  Gary had made it possible for me to earn an income and proceed in building my business.   And as I said, our history began.  From there our worldwide team has evolved and Team Bond was born.  Gary and Candy truly are the foundation of our team.  They have remained close to our team and attend all our Team Bond events whenever possible, contributing great training skills and social team building to everything we do. Gary and Candy reside in the state of Washington, dividing their time between their home and their dream vacation home on the beach.  A chiropractic doctor, now in retirement, Gary was one of the founding Advisory Board members of 4Life Research.
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