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Dr. David Yooseop Yeoum, M.D.



Medical Testimony written by Dr. David Yooseop Yeoum , MD

Born in Sept 25, 1966

1994 Yonsei Univ. Medical School Graduated (BS Degree)

2006 Yonsei Univ. Medical School Master Degree earned

2002 Seoul Apkujung Allegy Clinic opened

2003 Seoul SeoChoKu Chilren Clinic opened till today

A 13 year old boy came to my pediatric clinic for severe stomach pains, He had no appetite and was steadily losing weight.  He had been abroad for two years experiencing a lot of stress.  He did not have normal GI(gastro intestinal) symptoms, so I sent him to Seoul Univ. Medical Center for testing..  They discovered he had Chrone’s Disease, which is a fatal and chronic inflammation of the colon.

In Seoul Univ. Medical Center, he was treated for a year and half, with a prescription drug, called Imuran (which is a suppressing immune product), and steroids, etc., however his condition did not improve.  Instead, he had many symptoms:  No urge to eat, development problems in growth, consistent stomach pains, and what is known as moon face due to high dosages of steroid drugs.  This is when he came to me for help.

To introduce a different approach from conventional medicine, I gave the family some booklets of information to read: Immune Revolution written by Dr. Abordoru, MD and Transfer Factor, Immune Memory Molecule.   Fortunately, they agreed to concentrate on his health and his immune system.  They trusted me due to our good relationship based on trust.  He started taking TF, Digestive Enzymes, MultiPlex along with an exercise and diet program I suggested to him.

During this process, he first experienced a little stomach pain, however he regained his normal life style and normal diet without any problem. After 3 months of this approach, including boosting and balancing his immune system, his blood tests from Seoul Univ. Medical Center reported good figures indicating improvement of his inflammation level.

Now after 6 months of focusing on this program, we found he had total recovery as a normal, healthy middle school student.  He seldom has stomach pain (not severe at all, but minimal pain).  He has also increased his height by 6cm and is gaining weight amazingly.  We all expect his full recovery in the near future…
Dr. David Yooseop Yeoum, M.D.



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