Dr. Archie & Dr. Vivian Lamadrid M.D.’s – Diamonds

Dr. Archie & Dr. Vivian Lamadrid M.D.’s


Dr. Archie Lamadrid, and Dr. Vivian Lamadrid are members of our Team Bond Philippines family.  They joined 4life several years ago because of their passion for our products and the incredible success they have with their patients and family members using Transfer Factor.

Both Archie and Vivian are strong representatives for 4Life in the Philippine medical community. Dr. Archie Lamadrid not only practices surgery, but he donates his time traveling around the Philippines helping the less fortunate with their medical needs.  His patients have had miraculous recoveries as their immune systems were enhanced. He and Vivian give their heart and soul to anyone who becomes part of their lives.

It has been my pleasure to spend periodic visits with them in both the Philippines and in the U.S.   They are very special to me and certainly to anyone who gets to know them. They are an important and appreciated part of our Team Bond Family!

Bonnie Taylor

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