Dean Ellern – PRESIDENTIAL Diamond

Dean Ellern


I joined the ranks of 4Life because I was convinced that had I known about Transfer Factor Molecule, I may have been able to help my business partner.  She died of hepatitis just before I joined.

Now I know that when illness strikes – and given the powerful health challenges we all face – we can be confident that our products will help us get “healthier” more quickly than any other natural product.

Then one day, I was knocking on the doors of businesses in my area.  I met Dr Becky Khyeam and her husband, Dr. Jase Khyeam.  They were ready to enroll in short order because they saw the medical benefits of our products.

Dr. Jase has been a real inspiration – I don’t think he sleeps – he is the ultimate business builder.  He set the record to that date for earning the rank of International Diamond.

Beyond that, he is one of the nicest, capable, caring gentlemen I have had the pleasure to know…. A top flight leader.

My eleven year career with 4Life has been a remarkable run – well I should say – walk.

I chose to be content with the regular income from my downline since it allowed me to explore a wide range of other interests.

And it is a real boost to get a retirement check from work I did years ago.

My advice to any one reading this is:

–        Really focus on building your 4life business

–        Use the remarkably effective tools TEAM BOND has developed to help you fulfill your most expansive dreams!

–        You can do it – there is a whole TEAM to help you –  TEAM BOND.

Dean Ellern



Dean has been a friend of mine for quite some years. When I recruited him into 4Life I could not know what would happen when he knocked on Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun’s Chiropractic office in Sa Jose, Ca..  For him a big adventure began, because he saw how Dr. Jase literally took off in building a successful business around the world.  Dean has been a great father figure was this great couple.

Dean married this lovely lady LoVanna and both are very good friends of mine whom I appreciate very much.

Barbara Wagner

GOLD International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


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