Daniel West – 4Life Regional Manager of Field Development

Daniel West

4Life Regional Manager of Field Development

Daniel West is one busy man. Formerly 4Life’s Tools Manager, Daniel was in charge of creating the tools that distributors use to grow their businesses. He directed the release of 14 new tools, including posters, interest cards, DVDs, and more. Not only has Daniel’s passion for 4Life and vision in his position has led to new heights of innovative and unique business building tools, but it also led him to his new position… 4Life Regional Manager of Field Development!!

Daniel came to 4Life® after having been referred by a friend. When he decided to make the move, Daniel felt right about it and he’s never looked back. Daniel went to Utah Valley University and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business management in 2003, with an emphasis in international business. Daniel and his wife Katty have two boys: Nicholas, 5, and Gregory, 3.

When Daniel isn’t at 4Life dreaming up new ways to promote our businesses, he loves to spend time with his family. Daniel loves playing sports, especially basketball and football, and is counting the days until his boys are old enough to play. They are already showing talent, but can’t quite beat their dad just yet. As a committed member of 4Life’s corporate team, Daniel is open to scheduling conference calls for groups that want to know how to more effectively utilize 4Life for success.