Dana Choi – DIAMOND

Dana Choi


Team Bond Youth Group

I have been always looking forward to having my own dream business.
I love the word ‘succeed’, and I have dreamed of success in business for a long time.
After I started a journey to succeed in 4Life, and introduced myself to Team Bond,
I was really moved because they have welcomed me very warmly and wanted to help me out a lot.
When I first began, I had two big questions about the 4Life business. Firstly, ‘What is the point of the 4Life business?”, and Secondly, “Why would I select 4Life rather over any other company?”
I have asked Gold International Diamond Kurt Kuhn this question, and his immediate answer to me was one simple, but powerful word… “FREEDOM”. Because this is what I have personally observed in the Team Bond members working the 4Life business, I thought there is no reason to wait for any other dream job. I decided to select the freedom of time and money, to join this successful system and take a step forward to realize my dream.
I thank everyone in Team Bond! I am honored to be part of the Team Bond Family!

Dana Choi