Congratulations to Yu-Ching Yang!

International Diamond and Great Escape trip winner!

Yang Yu Ching grew up with her grand-mother who was a successful business woman and taught her to be a business woman with ethics and honesty. She had been in the sales field for more than 20 years before she met 4life Research in early 2015 through Nancy Tang. Accidentally, when she found out that the stomach problem which had bothered her for many years had stopped, she started to pay attention to Transfer Factor and introduced it to people who had need for health improvement. Gradually, she realized that 4Life had a huge potential in the Chinese market. In mid-2015, she decided to form a distribution team to expand the 4life business.

By following the Team Bond system, Ms. Yang learned fast and was aggressive. By the end of 2015, she qualified for Presidential Diamond and International Diamond and won two GE trips, also she and her team qualified for the 4Life HK 2016 New Year free trip. She brought 10 people to HK in February 2016 and 6 people to June 2016 HK-Okinawa cruise. They not only enjoyed the wonderful cruise, also attended the Team Bond Platinum leader Bonnie Taylor’s special training on the last day of the cruise. During the trip, they met many people from Taiwan and China, also the management team from 4Life home office. Her team went back home with full confidence and work harder on building their 4life team.

In October 2016, she brought a team of 4 people from China to join the 4Life International Convention in Atlanta Georgia. In the convention, she had the chance to meet many of the top leaders at 4Life. In the Team Bond party, she also had a chance to interact with 4Life’s Health Science Advisory members, Manager of Product Development, and the 4Life top leader Platinum Ray Meurer.

She was also invited as a special guest by Gold International Diamond Kurt Kuhn to sit in the Platinum section in the event. She had a chance to see all the top leaders at 4Life and enjoyed Magic Johnson’s keynote speech!

After the convention, she met with other team members from China and Taiwan in Los Angeles. They exchanged experiences and learned from each other during the meetings, and also built a great relationship and trust.

Yu Ching Yang decided to work on building 4Life distribution as her full time career afterwards. She is not only an excellent business builder, she is also a person with kindness and love. We look forward to her next advancement to Gold International Diamond in the near future!