Congratulations to Nancy Tang!

Congratulations to Nancy Tang!

International Diamond and Great Escape trip winner!

Nancy Tang moved to the USA in 1998 and has always been a hard working woman, constantly working on two or more jobs at the same time. When she was introduced to 4Life Research in 2008, as a loving daughter, she only wanted to buy the products for her parents. Building a networking business with 4life was not her goal. In 2012 she moved back to China to take care of her aging parents and work on her financial service career. After she saw the amazing results of her parents using Transfer Factor, she started to share the good news to her family and friends. She also introduced 4life products to people she encountered while traveling in China.

Gradually but surely, her team started to grow in different cities in China due to her diligent work ethics. In 2016, Nancy brought a team of 10 people from China who qualified for the 4life Great Escape Hong Kong –Okinawa cruise. Not only they enjoyed the wonderful trip, they also attended 4life Platinum Diamond Bonnie Taylor’s special Chinese team training on the last day of the cruise.

After the GE trip, her team went back to China with full confidence and worked harder. By June 2017, Nancy Tang advanced to International Diamond again and qualified for the Great Escape a 2nd time.

We congratulate Nancy Tang for her achievement with 4life Research and look forward to her advancement to the next level soon.