Congratulations, Sheamin Khyeam!

Sheamin Khyeam graduated from UC Berkeley and, in the last few months, has spent a lot of time online, participating in Zoom events because of COVID-19. Her mom, Dr. Jinsun Khyeam, came from Korea to be there for her daughter as she has done for many years. In addition, Jinsun came to help her move from Berkley to San Francisco where Sheamin now works at UCSF.
Sheamin loves her work in the lab; it seems to be her calling. Preston and I felt we had to do something for her and took her and her mom for one night to Monterey to celebrate her big accomplishment. We were lucky that it was the first time that a restaurant was open so we could enjoy a fine meal together.
We know Sheamin as a child and she became a wonderful, responsible, beautiful adult, who is curious to explore the world. With her talent and IQ she will make it big in her life and we wish her all the best.
We really enjoyed the time with both, mom and daughter who are each beautifully, spirited people.

Barbara Wagner, Gold International Diamond