Choi Hee Jin Advances to International Diamond!

Choi Hee Jin


TEAM BOND Celebrates

Choi Hee Jin’s

Advancement to


We are proud to announce yet another great achievement from Korea… the advancement of Choi Hee Jin to International Diamond! CONGRATULATIONS!!


When you see Ms. Choi, you will feel she is a strong leader… and you are right, but also she is very soft and loving person… inside. ..She was top professor and very successful business owner in her career, and did not know anything if she goes to wrong…With anyone else, she also had a tough time in her life, and she basically lost everything in her life, and she met TF and this 4life opportunity, and she did go thru all from death to revival process to life back thru this wonderful God’s Miracle Molecule…That is how she could talk people strongly from her own experience from nothing to be International Diamond, which is so great accomplishment for her.. congrats to her what she has done in 4life…..

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond


I am so excited and proud to extend a big congratulations to Choi Hee Jin for her advancement to International Diamond! We talk about overcoming challenges as we grow in network marketing, and here we have a person
who not only overcame daunting challenges in her life, but went on to fulfill the goals she set out to achieve with 4Life Research. She is a perfect example of becoming all you can be and making your dreams come true. It is an honor to have Choi Hee Jin as part of our Team Bond Family!

Bonnie Taylor
PLATINUM International Diamond


Our business is a team effort. This is why our group is called Team Bond all over the world.

When one becomes an International Diamond. as Choi Hee Jin has done, it means that she became a team player in every way she could and achieved this rank through duplication. Duplication and building sound relationships are the essence of our business. These qualities are very well presented by Choi Hee Jin, just as they were properly presented to her by Grace Chun and Dr. Jase Khyeam.

Choi Hee Jin is a leader and demonstrated this by achieving the status of International Diamond. She leads her distributors by guiding them through this process step by step.

We congratulate you, Choi Hee Jin, and are sure that you have already taken the necessary steps to strive for your next goal: GOLD INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND!

Thanks to Team Bond International, we can build this business without any international boundaries, which can be seen daily in the activities taking place with Team Bond Korea.

Barbara Wagner
GOLD International Diamond