Cho Yun Jung




Before joining 4Life®, I was in a difficult financial situation. After learning more about the company and the great opportunity, I decided to start a 4Life business. I immediately saw that 4Life has excellent products, and offers a solid support network through team members and strong leaders—like my mentor, Gold International Diamond Bak Mi Ae. There are many wonderful things about 4Life, but one of the most important is an emphasis on teamwork. Although this is a personal business, working closely with your sponsors and team members is necessary to achieve greatness. Having motivation, devotion, and passion will lead to your success. It’s important to follow the examples of your sponsors, set your own personal goals, and work toward goals as a team. That’s how I became successful with my 4Life business. My advice is to avoid comparing your achievements to those of your team members. Learn from others, but have confidence in yourself and what you have to offer. – Cho Yun Jung, GID