DR. Timothy Chu TF Seminars at Shanghai and Nantong, China

Many thanks to Ms. Nancy Tang and her friends and family who volunteered to organize two seminars for Dr. Tim Chu to present Transfer Factor and immunity, on June 2nd and 3rd 2012, in Shanghai and Nantong City, China.  Also, we appreciate HK 4Life office’s support when help was needed.

On 6/2/2012, 10 people showed up at the Shanghai event.

On 6/3/2012, A group of people came to the Nantong seminar, creating a fantastic meeting.

Both meetings were very successful and there would be a lot of follow-ups and enrollments to do in the next few days.  We hope that these two events would be the beginning of the great explosion of 4Life China market.

Attached are some of the photos I just received from Nancy Tang.