Celebration QUEEN MARY Closing Party – “My Name is Joe!”

As guests arrived at the grand, and posh Queen Mary, it was evident that all attending were part of something larger than themselves…. they were part of the TEAM BOND 4LIFE Family that everyone has worked so hard to become! From the fantastic 20′ s era costuming, to one of  Team Bond’s most senior and respected GOLD’s, (SHINJO-SAN), coming up to the microphone, tipping his Fedora, and stating “My Name is Joe!” to the crowd, it was a most perfect evening of celebration and fun! Not to mention the amazing recognition awards given by Team Bond’s founder and host…. Platinum International Diamond Bonnie Taylor!

We would like to thank all those who worked tirelessly on making this conference happen! It is examples like yours that make Team Bond GREAT for years to come!

In closing this fantastic CELEBRATION CONFERENCE, we all have MUCH to do before the upcoming 4Life Convention BIG in Utah this September! Remember you are never alone when you are with TEAM BOND! And with that fact…. SUCCESS is YOURS!

We will see you ALL at the BIG Convention this September….. and then again with Team Bond’s next Conference….. in Okinawa, Japan 2011!!! Details to be announced as we get closer to that time, but plan on being there NOW! You have more than a year to save and plan! SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!