Celebration Last Day HUGE SUCCESS as Steve Tew Joins Conference!!

Two days into the conference, all of Team Bond attending were already excited of what they were learning and hearing! Day 3 offered even more with Product Training by Dr. Rick Bennett as well as Business Builder Trainings by several of Team Bond’s experienced leaders, Doctors and upcoming superstars! Excitement erupted as 4Life President Steve Tew walked into the conference on a carpet filled with flower pedals! The crowd literally was crazy with excitement as Mr. Tew attempted to speak, but the crowd continued to drown out his words with their excitement of his presence with them all this day! After about 5 minutes of crowd excited eruption, Steve Tew began to speak his thanks for all Team Bond is doing for everyone’s success involved with 4Life, and how our proven plan working “AS ONE” has changed the way this business is…. in a very positive way! He then explained even more exciting facts of what will be announced at September’s 4Life Convention in Utah… BIG! As the day went by rather quickly with all the fantastic information given at this conference, which has now been stated as being a HUGE SUCCESS by all, sadly…everything must end. The gang, in a hurry to get to the closing 1920’s party aboard the Queen Mary, quickly posed for the photo you see below…. (just click on it to get the full sized picture to save.)