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Bonnie’s Blog Week 7

  June 19th, 2020 Well, good heavens… with everything happening in the world right now, aren’t we all thankful for 4Life? And we all continue to get our pay checks! WOW! If anyone needs aContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 6

  June 1st, 2020 I am hoping that you have heeded my advice up until now and things are changing in your life. Weeks are flying by, and during those weeks you could have beenContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 5

  May 5th, 2020   Hello again, my global family!   I am praying for all of your safety! The USA has finally reached a place of going downhill with new virus infections; we areContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 4

  April 15th, 2020 Hi Team!   Are you getting house fever yet? Here in the United States, we are all staying home each day and it seems to be helping mitigate this virus. ItContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 3

  April 7th, 2020 The growing number of COVID-19 is astounding.   Please know that we are all praying for our Team Bond family and the entire world situation. Everyone of you should realize thatContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 2

  March 30th, 2020 I hope you are following my blog each week. I will always try to give you useful information. All of us have our minds on the Corona Virus encircling the globe.Continue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 1

  March 9th, 2020 Welcome to our site and my personal blog. My name is Bonnie Taylor, and I am the proud founder of the Team Bond International group in 4Life Research. We have beenContinue reading

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