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Bonnie’s Blog Week 22

  May 27th, 2021 It’s blog time!   I am feeling a big weight off of my shoulders because most of the USA has access to and is getting the vaccine! I hope this isContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 21

  April 27th, 2021 What a wonderful time of year! Even though it should be a daily thing, we should always take the time to absorb nature and all it gives us. Think of theContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 20

  March 16th, 2021 Okay, okay… I admit it! I have been grossly distracted and missed some of my weekly blogs. Oh no! Between all of our wonderful Team Bond Global Teams, COVID around theContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 19

  January 20th, 2021 I am writing this blog to celebrate the release of the COVID-19 vaccine! An unbelievable achievement! We have engaged and encouraged many of our pharmaceutical giants to create and refine theContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 18

  January 6th, 2021 Well Team, today I need to write to you about the negativity surrounding some of the changes we are living through with our 4Life business. We have heard the very disappointingContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 17

  December 17th, 2020 My goodness, we are coming up on the holidays! Our favorite time of year! I am praying that our entire Team Bond family remains well and protected and can live yourContinue reading

Bonnie’s Blog Week 16

  October 19th, 2020 Hey Team! How is it going for you? I am sincerely hoping you visit our Team Bond site regularly to update yourself on how Team Bond is doing and to readContinue reading