Business For Home: 4Life CEO Ranks Among Top Five


Salt Lake City, Utah (February 11, 2015) Following the votes of more than 87,000 people around the world, Business For Home announced its list of the Top 100 CEO’s in the direct selling industry.

4Life President and CEO Steve Tew ranked #3 in the poll. In addition, the 4Life Life Rewards Plan™ took the #2 spot in Business For Home’s Best MLM compensation plan poll.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Trent Tenney: “To see so many distributors take the initiative and cast their vote for Steve as our industry’s best CEO speaks, I think, to the pride and satisfaction they receive from running their own 4Life home-based business. At the end of the day, each of us here at corporate is, under Steve’s leadership, committed to supporting distributors and satisfying customers. It’s wonderful to know that the field experiences this directly.”

Business For Home was established by CEO and Chairman of the Business For Home Foundation Ted Nuyten. Every year, the website receives an estimated 3.5–4 million unique visitors. On average, the website serves 12,000–15,000 visitors per day, with all time daily highs of 70,000 during annual polls.

Steve Tew: “It’s an honor to be recognized in this way and represents the positive impact that 4Life is having on people around the world. Thanks so much to everyone who cast their vote. And thanks to the Lisonbees for giving us this opportunity and for envisioning such a rewarding compensation plan when they launched the company in 1998.”

4Life has offices on five continents to serve a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service.