Agung Dwija Saputra – GID




Alhamdulillah … Thanks to God … who has sent a best leader and mentor for my group, Dr.Jase Khyeam and provide information about the best opportunity to realize our dream with 4 life … and I’m proud with the team leaders on Team Bond, our Platinum Ray Meyeur and Bonnie Taylor, also Gold international Diamond Barbara Wagner and especially Dr.Jase Khyeam … they became our inspiration and the best example how to work well as a leader in the industry network marketing with team bond system ….. I Choose The best Group at 4 life …! TEAMBOND’S LEADER WITH IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER FOUND IN THE INDUSTRIAL NETWORK MARKETING ….!!! and with the best leader we will be as the best leader too…. I have a dream 3 years from now will bring at least 100 people with a minimum income of US$ 10,000 per month … who is VICE PRESIDENT with the character “do or die attitude” which I’m sure will be shared equally realize this target .. And i am very proud that have so many business partner at my group as my team work with working together will realize this goal soon…with our success school …we will HAPPINESS TOGETHER FOREVER …. SUCCESS REGARDS ….. GO PLATINUM …!!!!

Bpk. Agung Dwija Saputra
International Diamond
Team Bond Indonesia

Agung is New International Diamond in Indonesia, and he deserved it every second of his 4Life career. Since I met him, I never seeing him doing other things, but only focusing on 4Life and spending his time to help his downlines, and also he set the role model how to be successful in our Team Bond system to develop new legs constantly for his finding new VPs. That is our system, try to contact 20 new people a day…for Full Timers, and everyone should find good VPs like Agung found..Fantastic!!! I am so proud of him to be New Int’l Diamond, and he will be going forward for GOLD and Platinum sometime soon in Indonesia. Hope all the new distributors learn from him of his diligence, sincerity, passion and devotion for his downlines. He has all the good qualities to be top leaders in 4Life, and I am so happy for him to be New Int’l Diamond. GOOD JOB DONE!!!

Dr.Jase Khyeam

Gold International Diamond