July 1st, 2020

Well, my friends, we are still sheltering and following social distancing, but at least we are able to move about when necessary. And I am happy to have my hair done again! We continue to send our prayers out to the world and look forward to normalcy again. Remember to take your Transfer Factor each day (share with others!) and keep your immune system the strongest it can be.


As all of Team Bond knows, our true king and queen are Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun Khyeam from Korea! They are a great big WOW! I have never seen such complete and focused leadership as I’ve seen in them from anyone in all of my 40 years of network marketing. They are a true joy and wonder to have in our Team Bond family.


Jase has always been a strong supporter of our Team Bond training systems. His best leadership quality is how much he cares for each individual on his team. He knows what they want and helps them achieve it. He is in tune with everything about them and, consequently, he looks out for them. In this process he has always asked me for every available training and, after looking over it himself, he offers them to his team. Additionally, he is not timid about offering comments and suggestions to fine tune the process. We have worked so well together for many, many years, that we have decided to publish our trainings together in a book. What an honor to share this with him. He took on the most difficult and demanding training that Team Bond offers, called our Mastermind Training. This is an intense training for relatively new distributors who are very serious about succeeding. When a serious distributor gets started, the most important thing for them is to instill in their brain the fundamentals of networking success. So many people believe it is the same as traditional business and nothing is further from the truth. Our industry requires a certain mindset to fully realize the successes available to anyone. Again, this is a pet peeve of mine. So many companies teach to only enroll new people and then leave them to go on their own path. This is so wrong! Yet those who are serious and willing to do what it takes can change their entire life in three short years. This is what we strive to accomplish in Team Bond.


And now that you have been reminded of that, think of Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun Khyeam! They not only have reached the top status of Platinum International Diamonds in our company, but they have two others at that level on their team, plus over twenty Gold International Diamonds! Talk about success! And now, he is teaching the Mastermind training, knowing it will create even more. Oh Jase, you are such an example to others!


We just want you to know what is available to you if you are one of those who seriously want a change in your life. Why should you work for someone else’s success or flounder along without the required support in your own business? Working from home, working your own hours, not having to put up with someone trying to get your job, and so many other things, seems to be the best avenue. I can attest to this business over and over again because of all the perks my family and I have enjoyed for 20 years. I am so spoiled and cannot imagine working a real job again. This is the life!


And you can have it and live it too!!


Love you all! Stay safe!





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