Bonnie’s Blog Week 8


June 23rd, 2020


I always feel happy when I sit down to write my weekly blog for you. Although we cannot see each other, writing the blog gives me a feeling of being closer to all of you. I miss you all so much. Life has changed greatly for me in my older years. I have had to listen to my own teachings of discipline. My abilities are greatly reduced these days, yet somehow, my brain never slows down. In my own delusions, I am still able to travel the world, conquer every challenge, and be on top of all things at all times. Ha! Then reality sets in. Who was it that said getting older is not for the weak? Thank goodness for my many years in network marketing to help overcome the challenges.


At the same time, some of you may not know that I am an incredibly blessed woman. God has endowed me with the most wonderful and precious family. They put up with me everyday and they do it with great patience, kindness, love, and good humor. I am currently living with my granddaughters, Paige and Madison (you remember them?), and Paige’s family (which includes my great grandchildren, Anthony and Kaylynn). I believe you have met all of them. What a joy they are to an aging parent. It is said that your children are your rainbow in life and your grandchildren are the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Oh my goodness, I am learning how true that is! Plus, the added benefit is that they keep you young in the process! There are things I would never know about in this day and age if it were not for them. My dear son and his wife, Kurt and Melanie Kuhn, had set up their new residence in Arizona a few years ago, yet they still manage to handle the bigger Team Bond responsibilities for all of us. So, you see? I am so so blessed! And then, my friends, there are all of you! My precious Team Bond family I have grown to love so much! But, again, I miss visiting with all of you so much!


I have been working on compiling a Team Bond history for our website and I can assure you that our multitude of memories is vast and very emotional for me. We have really done so much over these twenty years! I can’t wait for you to see our history. I hope you treasure it as much as I do. It spans the entire world, with various celebratory events, and so many of your beautiful cultures. I have had a wonderful life, seeing so many places and things, and will forever be grateful for all of it.


A huge part of those twenty years was spent building Team Bond with some of the best leaders in network marketing (you). We climbed many mountains together and came out on top, thank you! And Paige reminded me just yesterday of something you were taught over and over again, and the memory made me smile. Our entire business is a numbers game. The sooner we realized this fact and put that knowledge to work for us, the sooner we reached our goals. And now, you are wondering what that was, right? And, of course, I am going to tell you. The reason our trainings teach you how to talk to 100 new people every week is because 30 of them will talk with you… ten of them will show genuine interest, three of them will enroll and work with you. Out of the three, one of them will be one of your your top vice presidents. Isn’t that a great big wow?


Once you know what marketing plan you are trying to conquer, it all makes sense. You can take months to talk with 100 people and (consequently) you may reach your goal in many years. But if you follow the suggestions we teach on how to filter through the 100 easily with less effort, you truly can talk to 100 a week. This establishes your working team early in your career and with them duplicating what you teach, they will also work towards their own goals everyday. You will quickly be advancing through the ranks and watching your income increase in giant leaps and bounds. You can establish impressive income for the rest of your life by taking three years of your life to focus and work hard. So many times, I have said to you that I am a walking, talking testimony of the life you can live with your family for many, many years from your efforts to do this. It is so wonderful! I love this term from the movie “Mary Poppins” – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


I guess I have carried on quite a bit in this blog. I hope you can bare with me and allow an aging woman to indulge herself. Remember: I consider you my family, so it is easy to pour my heart out to you.


By now, your surely know that I want the best for you. This was my purpose in establishing and building a global Team Bond. And to study and create the best training you could possibly have. I wish you a great life and pray all of your dreams come true.


But never forget and tell yourself:


If it’s to be, it’s up to me!!


I love you and again, hope to see you one day soon.






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