Bonnie’s Blog Week 5


May 5th, 2020


Hello again, my global family!


I am praying for all of your safety! The USA has finally reached a place of going downhill with new virus infections; we are slowly going back to work and coming out of our homes. Thank goodness! But also, we are all following our safety guidelines so we do not bring it back again. It is amazing to me that we have ALL gone through this TOGETHER! I love you, my family, and I continue to be thankful for our miraculous Transfer Factor!!!


Last week I reminded you to reflect on your business and make a plan of action to revive your enthusiasm and excitement about what we have. I hope you were able to do that, and if not, please do it now. This action is important for all of us, no matter our level in 4Life. Assuming that you did it, I will go on from there with my advice.


Now that you have a plan, it is important to put your total focus on what is needed. Put your blinders on and do not allow anything or anyone to draw you away from your purpose. Years ago, I used to watch the top leaders in network marketing as they had laser focus on their business. I was just absorbing and learning at that point, however, once I learned to listen and apply my lessons, I also had my own laser focus on my business. Now I know how important that is, especially while you are reaching for your goal. It takes so little to pull you off course, so you must be totally determined and have a strong resolution that nothing will deter you. Your plan of action should include all you need to do without omitting anything.


Something that I feel is very, very important, is to know where your organization stands at all times. Know who your leaders are. Know what their numbers are. Know what they need to do to fulfill their own goals. 4Life provides each of us a wonderful back-office where we can track our team 24/7. It is easy to see what they need to do to shore up their own business. You, as their up-line and mentor, should be aware so you can guide them effectively. None of you should be putting energy on unproductive activities. This should be a large part of your laser focus: knowing where to put your energy and theirs to achieve what you are working for.


So again: you know what you want and you know when you want it. You have the vehicle to achieve your goals, and now you have laser focus as you work with your team. There is nothing that can stop you. In this process, you will become stronger and stronger with your own leadership skills. I always have to laugh at myself, when I think back to how I was when I first started in this industry! Oh my! I was quite the different person at that time! The only thing that remained consistent for me was my desire to succeed. That burning desire drives you through all challenges and is a major ingredient for anyone with big dreams. And, my friends, I have always had big dreams and still dream even more today.


My hope is that my words will strike something in you that will motivate you to move forward with what you have started and drive you to succeed with all of it. I can assure you that I believe in you. I know that YOU CAN DO THIS!


Until next week, stay safe and God bless you!





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