Bonnie’s Blog Week 3


April 7th, 2020

The growing number of COVID-19 is astounding.


Please know that we are all praying for our Team Bond family and the entire world situation. Everyone of you should realize that we are sitting on top of one of the best aids on earth with Transfer Factor (TF)! I urge you to go back and read all of the information you can find on these products to refresh your memory. What better thing than to offer the human race the best method of strengthening their own immune system to protect themselves? You and I should also be taking it each day. Remind yourself how Transfer Factor recognizes, responds, and remembers. What is better?? You also need to remind yourself that Tri Factor is our best product in the face of viruses.


It has sometimes become confusing, but I will never forget my conversations with Dr. Hennen, our Transfer Factor Plus formulator, years ago when he instructed on the use of our products. In addition to this, you must realize that a person has to take ‘enough.’  The instructions on the bottle is maintenance for a relatively healthy person. Health challenges require more. During this crisis, I am personally taking 8 capsules TWICE A DAY! This is primarily because I am older and I have underlying challenges. Each person has to gauge their own situation and take the products accordingly. More does not hurt anyone and TF can be taken with other medications. We have products to build the immune system for children and teens as well.


VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER make medical claims of curing anything. That is not the purpose of TF. The clear and widely studied purpose is to strengthen the immune system and allow it to work for us. There are over 3,600 clinical medical studies on PUB MED, the medical online site. And in the USA, TF is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference Manual, a highly used and respected reference book. LEARN THESE THINGS! You can play a vital role with people, especially now. Help them to try the products and later show them how to order themselves by either becoming a preferred customer or a distributor in your family. You can share with them the opportunity 4Life offers any interested person.


I encourage you to learn how to utilize our Team Bond International website to your own benefit. Suggest that your contacts visit! By clicking on ‘Getting Started’ near the top of the page, they can scan through the 6 or 7 pages where we explain who we are! It also provides doctor videos to explain how TF works and how they can earn an at-home income. It is very impressive and can be a great tool for you.








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