Bonnie’s Blog Week 25

Hi again, Team!


I am so happy that we have come through this incredible pandemic! I can’t get over the fact that this will be in history books, much like the ones we have heard about happening so long ago! But now, we’re a part of one! Just remember to take your Transfer Factor daily; the Omicron variance is still out there!


Since Team Bond has many reasons to re-group and prepare for massive growth in 2022, I am reviewing our website carefully for improvements and additions. Within the next few months, we expect to open a new country for Team Bond and that country is Pakistan (#24!). We are very excited about this. We will be adding their language when we do.


On our website agenda, we plan to add rank recognition expansion, Team Bond events history, new 4Life product launches, builder bonus encouragement, a 4Life awards section, and 4Life executive promotions. We enjoy posting various Team Bond Group Events around the world when you send them. It gives all of you a chance to see what other Team Bond groups are doing. So please keep this in your mind and include us when you do things. You are all one family and we want to maintain our global bond between all of you. We also will be upgrading our-of-date information as soon as we can. One of the benefits of our site is our training section. we offer all of our trainings on a recording in all languages within Team Bond. There is no excuse for any new affiliate to go without training.


Please let us know if there is something in particular you would like to see on our site. In addition to that, I want to remind all of you that this site is meant to be utilized as strong recruiting tool. This site demonstrates what a successful company you are a part of and helps you invite prospects to join 4Life. It also highlights the success of Team Bond all over the world. These things are very impressive to someone looking for a new opportunity. You must learn to use this site; it is a mistake to ignore it. Invite your prospects to visit our “getting started” pages, where we have videos explaining Transfer Factor, our marketing plan and interviews with various Platinum International Diamonds. We are also enhancing our upper rank recognition pages to contain each person’s story of success. We are a business that tells stories, because prospects can relate to some of them. Most of our top leaders have come from hardships and overcome them with 4Life, some with health problems and some with financial problems. These stories are so valuable to you. It will take a while to get it updated, but go see it for yourself so you know what your prospect will look at. We are in the process of updating now.


Opportunity is where you are,
never where you were.


As usual, I love your feedback if you care to email me.


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