Bonnie’s Blog Week 23

Since I have been incognito for so long, you all must have believed that I fell off the planet! I did not fall off of the planet, but I did do the next best thing! I ACTUALLY TURNED 80 YEARS OLD!!! WOW! Can you believe it? I don’t! When and how did this happen? Now, it is my goal to enter the Golden Years we all hear about. I have been wallowing in the Platinum years for so long now, I have become quite comfortable here. But, yes, I am definitely aware of aging and am experiencing some of those realities.


In recent news, we produced another Team Bond Annual Holiday Zoom Call featuring 4Life top executives, Team Bond top leaders, and a multitude of countries! We enjoyed around 250 people attending this year. We shared wonderful information about our success, and heard uplifting motivation from all of the corners of the world. It was an exhilarating call for all of us who have the same mindset. If you can reserve some focused time, we suggest that you listen to this call which we have posted here on our site for you. It is our one time each year for all of Team Bond to gather and share the bonding we all love. We are truly a global family. We do meet and socialize at conventions, which makes our calls even more exciting to reunite with the friends we have made. Our bonding goes above and beyond the normal. We work together and help each other regardless of borders and, more importantly, we have become friends. We love each other and look forward to all of our social times together. It warms my heart as I remember the day that I brought my leaders together to introduce them to the idea of Team Bond and how we could enhance the world. There was some skepticism and doubt that this could become reality, but I am stubborn enough to make it happen. And together with many of you, that is what we did. Now, I am so proud to say that it has become a true reality. I wish that all of you could realize the step by step effort it took as we incorporated one thing after another to create this team. It is all real and I am so proud and thankful. We span the whole world and WE RUN AS ONE ALWAYS. Never forget our motto. Let me take this opportunity to thank Jase and Jinsun Khyeam for their wonderful help in producing this call. They made sure it went off with no problems despite covering such a large territory and hosting so many. You are both amazing and we are so lucky that you are on our team. Thank you!!! It is no wonder that I am comfortable turning things over to the two best people in the world to handle Team Bond as I retire. My son, Kurt Kuhn, is managing the business end of things world wide with great understanding and abilities. Jase is managing all of our social events, which is also no small task and he knows how to do them well. Thank you both. I have peace of mind.


I am happy to report to you that new things are happening all through Team Bond. As you are accustomed, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of our growth tactics. We don’t want the industry to get ahead of us. You already know that 4Life has changed our business model in China and we no longer have our affiliates in that country. We miss them all so much and pray for their lives to find a new success path. We have shared our Team Bond family with them and want them to know that they will always be our family. We love them and we love all of you! So what else is going on? Well, as you may expect from me, I have always strived for the top and for the best of the best in all that we do. I am proud to say that so far, we have maintained that level of excellence. And that is all thanks to you out there in the field, around the world. You have made Team Bond one of the most legendary teams in all of network marketing, thank you!!


So now that we have put our mark on so many countries, we want to help them all spread Transfer Factor to everyone and create explosive growth. Team Bond needs to be the catalyst that makes this happen. We can do it simply by following and teaching our successful training. I doubt that anyone can question that, since we have already proven and displayed our success. With that in mind, the newest thing for Team Bond is called our Platinum Project. And no, it is not meant to go out and create all Platinums, but it is meant to teach and create leadership thinking and leadership philosophy around the world of 4Life. What is our goal? Listen to this: I am not sure how many of you are really familiar with what other successful companies produce in all of the different countries, but I can tell you that they explode in sales. It is not unrealistic to plan and think we can do the same… and that would be achieving country sales in the amount of TEN MILLION LIFEPOINTS EVERY SINGLE MONTH! How does that sound? Actually, when our affiliates simply do as they are taught, this is a very real and attainable goal in all of our countries. That number is not accumulative. It is meant for EACH country to attain! Now you know what the Platinum Project is and the goal we are pursuing. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it will take effort. But there is no doubt that we can do it and we are certainly going to give it our all! That number will take a few years to reach but we fully expect to see growth along the way and each of you can be a part of it! And, along the way, we will undoubtedly produce new Platinums… WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM? We have already kicked this off in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea; we hope to include all of you! Contact Bonnie if you want to participate.


So, take some time to think about 2022 and what you want in this year. Don’t be afraid to aim for what you want. You may feel that it is impossible, but that is most likely something in your head that is stopping you. Believe in yourself and help yourself to achieve. You are more than you believe yourself to be. Once you decide to reach for your goals, you have conquered the most difficult part and that is the decision itself. Then, go for it! And remember this:



I believe in each one of you. Please believe in yourself. I love each of you!



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