Bonnie’s Blog Week 22


May 27th, 2021

It’s blog time!


I am feeling a big weight off of my shoulders because most of the USA has access to and is getting the vaccine! I hope this is true for all of you out there or, at least, will soon be true. I pray that all of you and your families will come through this pandemic safely. Can you even believe we all did this? Oh my gosh, a pandemic is something that we all read about in our history books and here it is for real! Unbelievable! We are all anxious to get back to living. As I told you before, I took 16 Tri-Factor everyday during this pandemic! We are so blessed to be with 4Life!


Our Chinese fiasco is still in progress. If you have been following my blogs, you will already know that 4Life has had reason to pull out of mainland China after so many had enrolled with us and bought our products. This broke many hearts, but it was to protect some things we could not allow. One thing that is for sure and apparent to me is that in all of these 20 years that I have been with and worked closely with 4Life, they are always looking out for us in so many ways that you would not even think possible. I have seen and been through enough with our company to totally trust their decisions. And some decisions are tough ones to make, but are necessary even when we don’t agree. At times like this, we have to regroup ourselves and start another path. All I know is that as many companies existing like ours out there, NONE of them hold a candle to 4Life in just about every arena of business. We are part of one of the TOP companies! If you don’t know these things, it is time for you to do a little homework to update yourself. All you have to do is look up 4Life’s track record and the multitude of awards they have been honored with EVERY SINGLE YEAR IN BUSINESS. That’s 20 years of awards! Wow! Try and find another company like that! YOU WONT FIND THEM. So thank your lucky stars that you are here now and can create your own winning path. Don’t blow it!


I just came out of doing a zoom training with Japan and felt that some of this training would be good for all of you to hear. Sometimes it takes jogging our memories to refocus on what is most important to each of us. Time flies by so fast and if we lose focus, the next thing you know, it is too late to achieve what we wanted most. I can confidently say that now that I am 79 years old. I am one who has to be greatly thankful that I found 4Life and that I managed to remain focused to achieve what I wanted most. And that was to leave my family a legacy. We each have to find our purpose in life and we each need to be obsessed with that purpose in order to achieve it.


“Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work body and soul.” -Charles Buxton


Somehow, someway, I managed to stay focused on my dream and finally attain my goal. Thank God! And YOU can do the same thing! I get so upset with people who cannot bring themselves to believe that. And most of the time, their lack of belief comes from their own deep insecurities… not believing that THEY can do it. I have a memo for you: whatever you believe is what will happen! Good or bad! But the good news is that you can change it! It’s all in your attitude. Change your attitude and you will change the world you live in. Yes, you may have a long list of things you had to endure as you grew up, but that was THEN and does not have to be NOW. Grab a hold of yourself, pull your socks up, and get on with it. No one is saying it is easy, but by creating your own fortitude you CAN change things for yourself. Some of the greatest people and some of the greatest successes have come from people who had to overcome the impossible! Don’t even think you cannot. Unless, of course, you are just plain lazy and won’t get off of your butt. Then, my friend, you deserve what you sow. And you say to me: HOW? Look around! Find your passion and follow it!


So here is part of the training I gave today. Ask yourself a few questions to get you on the right track:
1. How do you spend your time?
2. What is the most important thing to you?
3. What gives you satisfaction?
4. If you were given a wish to live your perfect life, what would it be?
5. Do you have goals? What are they?


Now, look at your answers and see if you can find your passion. Put it at the front and center of your mind and become obsessed with it. This passion should be the single most important thing to your success. Then you need to look around and find where you can fulfill this passion. Then get involved and learn what it will take to fulfill your goals. Focus and go make it happen. It is not impossible unless you make it impossible. It is all up to YOU. No one has said that it would be easy, because it won’t, but your passion should override any challenge and keep you focused. This is why I say you must be OBSESSED with it. You will change your entire life and fulfill many of your dreams, if not all of them. You will be so thankful that you went through this process!


Being a person who has been through this entire process, I believe that I am qualified to say all of this. I can also say that I have realized all of my goals and will forever be thankful that I followed through. In our business, everything we do is involved with other people. We do not build our success alone. Team Bond has become my family and they have all supported my success, while building their own success. I appreciate them more than I can express. It is so fulfilling to work in this environment. We see small successes almost daily, but we all aim for bigger goals and achieve them as a team. We have all shared events and experiences that have brought us close to each other as a family. The more amazing part of this is that we are an international company and all our team work is done globally. We have so many experiences we never would have had if not for this family and share in seeing their lives improve.


Whatever you choose to follow, make a commitment to doing all you must do to succeed. Stay focused on your goal at all times and do not allow anything to detour you. Unfortunately, there are always those who want to dictate what you should do with your life, even though it is not their right to do so. This is your life, so live it on your terms! In a marriage it is important that you support each other and not devastate each others dreams. If you are able to work your goals together, it is even better and draws you closer. Working together can bring a lot of joy to your life. The bottom line is that your efforts will all be worth your time. Don’t allow yourself to miss this opportunity. You don’t want to go through struggles your entire life and finally look back and be sorry for what you missed. Now is the time! I will suggest to you over and over again to get your act together. Don’t waste another minute.


Now that I have worn you out with the possibilities, I will leave you to ponder over your future. I sincerely hope that this has put you on your own success path.


Sent with love,



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