Bonnie’s Blog Week 20


March 16th, 2021

Okay, okay… I admit it! I have been grossly distracted and missed some of my weekly blogs. Oh no! Between all of our wonderful Team Bond Global Teams, COVID around the world, and the political unrest in the USA… I have been truly distracted. I sometimes wonder which end is up! But thank God we have a vaccine for this pandemic! The world has lost so many wonderful people through this illness, we can only take sadness with us. We grew up reading history books of pandemics taking place decades ago and never thought it would be in our lifetime. Wow. What a wake-up call. And again, I am thankful we are all a part of 4Life and representing a great answer for all of us. I genuinely hope you have been out telling everyone about Tri Factor and encouraging them to take it. I have heard over and over again that those affected with COVID are those with a weakened immune system! This is a no brainer, my friends.


So what’s going on in Team Bond? Thankfully, I have heard that almost everyone in the Team has escaped COVID. In some cases, we have had a few who recovered and only a little number of anyone who has been lost. Of course, we have prayed for all of their families and you to get through this precarious time. There is no question, it has been a frightening time.


Our distributors have not let down during this time. We have seen growth everywhere around the world and the 4Life company has continued their 22 years of upward growth. This tells you so much about who we represent. We all need to be thankful. We all need to continue taking this to the world.


This is my message to you this week: please evaluate your own situation. Are you living as you wish? Have you fulfilled all of your goals and dreams? We are early in 2021, so you certainly can set your new goals for this new year, and then go out and make them a reality for you. Team Bond is always ready and willing to help you reach those goals. And I remind you… we have strived to give you the best tools anywhere to help you. We have leaders who know our successful training system. All you have to do is seek them out and ask for their help. All of our leaders go out of their way to grow our business and help each of you succeed. Our Team success is a big help for your personal success. Long ago, we established our website where all of our trainings are posted for you to review over and over again. I will tell you that truly successful people are constantly filling their brains with methods that help them; here you have the best known training accessible to you whenever you wish. And again, Team Bond has put this in place and created a multitude of upper level ranks in 4Life. We can never stress enough how our trainings are the answer for you to attain your goals. Take them seriously and don’t allow your ego to get in your way. Just open your mind and take in the lessons that will catapult you to whatever goals you have for yourself.


We love our Team Bond and that means all of you!! Please take some time and write us about what is happening with your family of distributors and send pictures so we can tell the world about you on the website. This is a wonderful thing to do and share. Our family loves hearing about each other. Please be a part of this. Until the next blog… I always like to leave you with a quote, so here you go!


Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.






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