Bonnie’s Blog Week 2


March 30th, 2020

I hope you are following my blog each week. I will always try to give you useful information. All of us have our minds on the Corona Virus encircling the globe. Our prayers remain with those who contract this illness. At the same time… WHAT AN AMAZING TIME FOR ALL OF US WHO ARE A PART OF 4LIFE! The things I keep hearing over and over again is that this virus seems to affect most those who are elderly and with underlying diseases, plus those with compromised immune systems. WELL? GOOD HEAVENS! WE HAVE THE BEST IMMUNE BUILDER ON THE PLANET EARTH!


Although I have been on Transfer Factor for 20 years, I am taking a much higher amount each day now. We all should have learned that each person is different but each person must take ENOUGH for their situation. The bottle suggests two capsules a day, but that is for a relatively healthy person to maintain their immunity. Any health challenge will require more. At the moment, with this virus in the air, I am taking 16 capsules a day! But of course, my team members should all know this already. If you have been waiting for that magic moment, IT IS NOW!!!


So, my friends, educate as many people as you can. You may very well be saving lives and at least protecting them from any increase in this illness globally. 4Life has taken steps to help stop the spread of COVID-19 around the world. You may have seen they cancelled their Latin American Convention, that would have drawn thousands and thousands of distributors globally. Our company is always on top of things in the best way. They care about us so much. Their caring is what brought about our Transfer Factor products in the first place. If you feel that your time is past in our company, think again. In our 20 years we have never had a year when we did not grow. And during that growth we have earned award after award for so many things. Having the best products, being the best nutritional company, having the best management team,
and so on and so on. Look at the 4Life website to educate yourself on our awards. There are still so many who don’t know about our products. There are so many who could benefit with their health and their income.


Some of our biggest producers have not even enrolled in 4Life yet. Anyone looking to change their lives, have the opportunity of a lifetime with our company. As most of you know, I speak from my own personal experience; having grown from below broke to an overwhelming income and lifestyle. All it takes is a strong desire to make a change in your life, and the determination to work hard and do what it takes for about three years of your life. And ask yourself this… if you don’t make this decision, where will you be three years from now? I would guess that your life will pretty much be like it is right now. You must believe in yourself and not let anyone stand in the way of the future you want and deserve. It is so frustrating to me, when people tell me, they don’t think they can do it. They are self defeating themselves before they start.


Pull up your boot straps, know what you want, and go after it… YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!


Until next week,





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