Bonnie’s Blog Week 19


January 20th, 2021

I am writing this blog to celebrate the release of the COVID-19 vaccine! An unbelievable achievement! We have engaged and encouraged many of our pharmaceutical giants to create and refine the best vaccines possible. The entire world will soon have them available! This type of thing has never been achieved in the world before. We are so grateful and proud of this achievement. We hope all of you can take advantage of this gift and remain well.


However, I will also remind you again and again: this vaccine is based on immunotherapy and on establishing ‘T Cell’ activity in our bodies! I am sure most of you know, or should know, that Transfer Factor (TF) does this exact thing! Holy cow! Our T cell activity can be raised by 437% with our TF products. Do you understand this? As much as I know our products and believe them totally, this information blows me away! We are so blessed to be a part of such an exceptional and great company! I know I have been dousing myself all during this pandemic with TF as an insurance policy for my health and have been fortunate to stay well, despite my activity. I am so thankful and ecstatic to be a part of this company. I hope you also see this.


Also, prepare yourself for the new year! Let’s pray 2021 is better than 2020. And if you have been keeping up with all of my blogs, you know that I believe in making a plan of action for your life. And 2021 requires a plan of action as well. Were you able to achieve what you wanted in 2020, despite all of the upheaval? Regardless, now you must think of what you want in your life and how you want to live. Once you know that, you can proceed to making a successful plan of action for yourself. We have certainly provided you with instructions of how to do that. Go back and take a complete review of all seven steps of Business Builder Program. By the time you get through it all, it will help you solidify your plan. Just think! This is a new year for you and all of us… you can make it anything you want! Start your year with a good foundation and a plan to follow. If you were not happy with your results in 2020, don’t repeat the same mistakes! If you follow my suggestions for this new year, you have time now to prepare for it. Give yourself every opportunity to live as you want starting now! Create a new script for yourself…


To change what you get
you must change who you are.
Vernon Howard


I would love to hear from you and how your business is going. Please send me both pictures and a small description of what you and your team are doing. I would love, love, love to put you on our website! Please keep in tune with my blogs so you know what Team Bond is up to around the world.


I love you!



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