Bonnie’s Blog Week 18


January 6th, 2021

Well Team, today I need to write to you about the negativity surrounding some of the changes we are living through with our 4Life business.

We have heard the very disappointing news of 4Life closing network marketing procedures in China. This has been a big shock to many, especially those who have spent years working so hard to build their foundations. I know what a shock this is and my heart goes out to each of you. I want you to know that I spent a great deal of time trying to find a solution that would work for you, but it seems that the legal situation in China is not permitting us to do anything different. I am depressed at the thought of losing any of our Team Bond family! At the same time, I know you all must support your lives and must do what you can to make that happen. I want you to understand 4Life’s position. They must follow the rules that China has set forth and cannot be a rebellious company. It would only hurt all of you even more. I have worked closely with all of our executives for 20 years and have witnesses firsthand how they knock themselves out to find the best answers for all of our distributors. They have tried in this situation as well, but as you may know, China does not like rebels. In this situation, they had no choice. Please do not blame them or hate them; they are truly wonderful and love each of you. I am praying you can find a niche for yourselves that has as much integrity and as much hope for success. Let us know how things work out for you; we all care very much.

For those of you living outside of mainland China who may be losing a large number of team members, I know you are going though a major shock yourselves. And you may not like what I am about to say, but you should know by now that I am always honest with you. Each of us start our business with high hopes of success. As any of us advance to the top, I promise you that all of us end up with some kind of huge challenge we must face and get through. They are never easy, I can tell you. We sometimes wonder how in the world we can do it, but a true network marketer learns to have a strong backbone and what it takes to overcome anything. Now is your time to do this (I know, yuck! But you really can overcome this!). I guess the first thing I will ask you is how was your business in 2020? Was it all you wanted it to be before this problem? If you say yes, then I compliment you on learning how to succeed! I will also tell you that you did it once, so you can do it again. No one likes to hear that, but you must wake up to the thought that you CAN. We are all with one of the finest companies on this planet and we market one of the best products ever introduced. Whether you like it or not, the management team is some of the best on the planet with continual awards for their abilities. You do not want to leave this company for another experiment. It would be foolish. What you should be looking at is new growth on your team. If you feel uncomfortable with this, I say to you clearly GET OVER YOUR DISCOMFORT! Pull up your socks and build a new plan of action. My suggestion is to expand beyond your current borders. Take a look at who you may know in other locations! Think bigger and go for it! No one has established a Chinese team everywhere… yet! Why don’t you do it? If you must stay logically, I assure you there are literally hundreds of people who either need our opportunity or they need our products. Go out and find them as you did in the beginning. Rebuild the team you lost. You did not come into 4Life to fail. You came to succeed… so go out there and do it! It’s all in your attitude, my friend. Your circumstances are not your prison!

You can do anything you decide to do!
-Amelia Earhart

In addition to this thought, may I give you some leadership advice? This is your life and your future. Personally, I hope all of your dreams will become reality for you. In any challenging situations, it requires strong leadership to handle your business. Have you worked on this in your career? Have you developed leadership skills? Teaching success has been my life goal, so I care that you have this training available to you. It is on this website for your learning. You have your own goals and dreams. I want all of them to become a reality for you. There is no finer company or no better management team than in 4Life research. If you have been doubting this, please get rid of those thoughts. They simply are not true. You are in good hands with 4Life. I would like to share my own success with you so you may use it as a guide for your next steps.

I have been with various network companies in my career and I have learned so much on my path. In fact, I learned so much that I decided to put that knowledge into a comprehensive and proven successful training program. My team has used it for many years and have created many of their own success stories with it. As with any situation, there are some who feel they know better and choose not to follow this proven training. This is every persons right to choose what is best for them. I can tell you that those who have chosen to follow it have highly succeeded. This is not surprising since all it teaches has been tried and true for top leaders around the world for many years. Those who choose another path have various conclusions. Some succeed and some do not. I am very proud of our system and its consistent results. We know the many challenges we all will face in network marketing! We have included in our training the many methods to help you avoid these problems as well as teaching you to become the strong leader you will need to become to lead your own growth (and sustain you in a time like this).

So now is one of those times for you to demonstrate your leadership abilities. One lesson that I learned long ago (and it has been a powerful lesson) is that you want to reach out beyond your own borders to enroll and build leaders in your team. How many places do the Chinese live in the world? Think about who you may know in other countries and reach out to them with our 4Life products. Especially right now when the strength of our own immune systems are so vital to our safety, no matter where we live. We have a very strong immune builder! But seriously, 4Life is in most countries already. Think about who you know. Let them know the value of Transfer Factor and having their own business, and you could be starting a worldwide business for yourself. Why not use this time of uncertainty to create success for yourself? This is an opportunity for you! Because my team and I have grown into 23 countries, I can tell you it is extremely successful. Can you clearly see how changing your attitude right now can be very beneficial in so many ways and literally change your life? The company has full instruction for doing business in each country. So think in terms of solutions, not problems… and when you get lemons, what do you do? You make lemonade!

Hang in there! You can conquer this!

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.
-Reinhold Niebuhr

We see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel and will soon have our vaccine. We will all be coming out of our cages and re-engaging with society. Don’t you miss it? Thank goodness so many have found ways to communicate and thank goodness for our technology today. We can do video conferences anytime. We have even enjoyed many virtual concerts by our many entertainers, meetings and even church services. A new way of life for all of us. We are certainly eager for normality. And hopefully everyone has a strong appreciation for how we all live.

Stay safe and God Bless each of you!
I love all of you!





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