Bonnie’s Blog Week 17


December 17th, 2020

My goodness, we are coming up on the holidays! Our favorite time of year! I am praying that our entire Team Bond family remains well and protected and can live your lives comfortably and safely. The pandemic seems to be carrying on!

So that moves us on to truly living and living as each of us desire to live. By now you have read my blogs and you know that I focus on your future; helping you to create what you want your future to look like. I have heard from some of you and learned that these blogs have made you do some internal thinking about that subject. I was so happy to hear this.

The most depressing thing is when you truly want a change but you cannot see how to make it happen. I promise you, there is a way for each of you, no matter your circumstance! And as I have repeated so many times, you simply have to… START! And you may think: “Well, that’s easy for you to say, but I don’t know how to start!” … my friend, that is why we are here! To mentor you! We know about all of that! We know how to help you; just open your heart and your mind and allow for that help! No one will criticize you or mock you. We have all individually had our own moments to conquer. When you see the strongest, most successful person, I promise you that the very person you are looking at has their own demons to conquer. No one seems to go through life without them. Yes, they too had to face whatever challenges they faced. They had to mentally and emotionally deal with them and put them into perspective in their own head. But you know what? They had to start! You can go into the bedroom and put blankets over your head and never face anything… but how rewarding will your life be? Or, you can make a decision to face them head on, one at a time, and conquer them. You just have to start! That may sound crazy to you, but it has been proven for eons of time that a person in action tends to stay in action… and a person who hides tends to stay in hiding.

I realize those of you reading this all have different degrees of challenges. Some are stronger than others and overcome more easily. But again, no matter how strong or weak you may be… that will all change once you start! It is amazing how that works… and it does work. Things will change for you.

I have given weekly Team Bond trainings for the past twenty years, until I recently retired. I repeated over and over again to all of them that when you go through our training, you will become more than you are now. And you know what? We have had twenty years of proving that to be true. Some of the most introverted, shy people are now in front of large crowds… not that this part is ever necessary, but their confidence has changed that much. And let me tell you a secret… I am one of those people! My shyness started at a very young age, however my parents taught our family that we could accomplish anything we put our minds to and that lesson has served me well all of my 78 years.

At the age of seven I became a competitive ice skater for six years, despite my fears. At the age of 15 I became a cheer leader at my school, despite my fears. And at the age of 17 I became a professional model, despite my fears. One of my more comical moments was when I started my networking career and my mentor literally shoved me on to the stage of a convention to make a speech for which I was not prepared. I had to call on all of my strength to calm myself and remember my subject. Any you know what? It’s all history from there. You have all seen me on stage and in videos, but I always, even now, have anxiety. But guess what else? I did it all (among other things I have not bothered you with)! I had to overcome many fears along the way and you can too. You will grow; you will change. You will become more than you are now.

Please make the decision, then the next step is to go to our business builder training and go through each step. Do all of the assignments, engage your enroller as your mentor, and use Team Bond as your mentor as well. I would love to hear from you and I will help all I can. You are valuable! You are loved and we want you with us!

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. – Wade Boggs

Until next week, stay safe and well! I love you,






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