Bonnie’s Blog Week 15


September 29th, 2020

We are particularly excited this week! After 20 years in the 4Life business and expanding into 23 countries worldwide, Team Bond has taken another step. We have expanded into our first Latino country: Colombia! Most of our expansion has been throughout Asia, so this is a big step in a different direction. I am alerting all of our team members to be aware of this growth and ride the wave with us. Look into your own organizations and see who may know others in Colombia and contact them to join our team. The more the better! Of course, 4Life is already there and has five offices throughout their country. Although they are doing well, I am aware that there is always room for more growth. We do not believe in saturation, even though we know Colombia is still wide open for growth. Do you feel as if you have missed international growth? Here is an opportunity to catch up and give your business a big boost. We will be investing our time into training and building self sufficient leaders in Colombia who can take over leading their own teams. Of course, we also believe that the whole world is open for growth, so anywhere you wish to reach, we encourage you to do so. Your business, your success, is what we wish for each of you and we are always here to help as we can. If you have done all you can knowing about our website and how to use it, and knowing our trainings and how to use them, you are set to grow! We have provided all the tools for you… so welcome Colombia!!


The thing I wanted to talk with you about this week is your own monthly qualifications. We come into 4Life without knowing much, but as time goes on and we grow, we learn how significant it is to build a team we can totally count on. As you grow from rank to rank you will learn that you must maintain a certain volume each month. If your team members do not learn this and do not maintain their own volume, the results will roll up-line and affect everyone above them. It can be very frustrating. In addition, their own business will flounder and not grow. You must learn early that building a team of serious distributors is vital; people who truly want to succeed and who will have long term residual income. When they are committed, they will secure their team by teaching them the right things to do. Team Bond is particularly specific about finding the right vice presidents for your team. When they are in place, they will watch over their own group to be sure all are doing the right things and help you. If they are not doing this, you have to step in and oversee too many people.


As you begin your career, be absolutely sure that your team members have solid orders every month. Watch your online target rank reports so that you know who needs help to keep their volume. As you grow from rank to rank, be sure that all the qualifications are fulfilled. When you build a solid team, you don’t have to worry about this. However, too many don’t think ahead and end up at higher ranks with a team that is not strong enough to keep steady orders. You may lose the rank you worked so hard for. Our Team Bond system teaches you how to look for and find serious distributors that you can count on. Many people do not recognize how our training has so many practices built into it that protect you from future problems. This is a good example of that. You work so long and hard to achieve the upper ranks and income levels, then without solid planning, you may lose it. Oh no! Think ahead. Learn to be more selective as you build. Be the president of your company and guard it with your life, because it is your entire future. If this is not clear to you, please e-mail me and I will explain further for you. Just remember, you are working to create a more successful you and a solid future, which you will pass on to your own team. Let me leave you with one more quote:


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Think about how you can grow your business and implement it. I will repeat this so many times: you need to build while you can. Situations change and you never know when that may happen. Plan now for any eventuality and you will be ready and thankful for it.


I love you,



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