Bonnie’s Blog Week 13


September 2nd, 2020

Wow, the weeks fly by! I feel like I just finish one blog and it is time for another. Perhaps this is part of how one should feel as we grow older. Aging and retiring does change one’s perspective radically. As I have said before, aging is not for the weak! But thank goodness for aging, because the alternative is not so good!


For weeks now I have told you about what it takes for you to build a successful future in 4Life. One thing I have only barely touched upon is your personal commitment to your future. You already know you need to (1) know what you want, (2) make the decision to pursue it, and (3) get into action to make it happen. But a major part of this is (4) making your own personal commitment to do what it takes and to stay with it, not quitting before you attain your goal.


I realize that many people avoid commitment as if it were a plague for one reason or another. In those cases, I believe they will rarely see true success. You must commit and you must give your all. But remember in our industry of network marketing, that this is not a lifetime commitment to attain your goals. With hard work and dedication, you can create a lifetime in a few short years. What occurs during those years, however, is your personal growth and a love for your business. You choose to continue your commitment simply because it has become such a major part of your life. So, as you grow, you want to keep your goal foremost in your mind and let it be your driving force.

“With true grit, you persist until you catch a glimpse of yourself. That is when passion is born.” -Fred Smith.

And you all know passion is your driving force through thick and thin. And again, you always want to keep your goal in the front of your mind.

“You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.” -James Allen

I remember learning of all of these things early in my own career. However, if you are like me, I had heard them and understood that they were important, but I did not live them immediately. I had to go through the process of trial and error to learn the reality of these suggestions. As I have stated in the past, I wanted Team Bond to be the mentor for all aspiring to rise in our industry. Once I went through my own mistakes, I learned the best way to move ahead and have put all of our trainings in place to help you avoid many of the road blocks you will undoubtedly face in your own journey. Hopefully we have helped you to cut corners and reach your goals much easier.


I suggest you read all of these blogs over again to remind yourself of vital points just as I encourage everyone to learn to use our website in growing your business. We urge you to send prospects to the ‘Getting Started’ portion of our site and to scan the many pages of information, including watching all videos. We are always in the process of updating our site to include everything you will need to succeed. We also invite you to share the activities you have for your own team highlighting any achievements we can post for your country. Please email this information, including pictures and clear explanation of it all, directly to me. Thank you. These events will help build your team in your area and at the same time, demonstrate the global vastness of Team Bond.


I continue to be overwhelmed with how we have grown. It is one of those things, when you feel you have to pinch yourself to know it is real. We are in at least 23 countries now and love all our cultures so much. It truly is a small world. I love each of you personally and am so thankful you are part of our family.


Take good care…





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