Bonnie’s Blog Week 12


August 26th, 2020

I wasn’t sure I would get around to this weeks blog. Between this virus and all of the anarchy going on in the U.S.A. it is hard to relax. Personally, I think everyone has lost their minds; that they have lost the understanding, the respect, and the honor it is to live in such a great country. I can’t imagine what will happen to my grandchildren. I have spent 78 years living a pampered life with so many advantages and joys, I cannot imagine all of that changing for them. I will just keep praying for everyone.


One of those advantages has been the right to choose how I wanted to live my life, with no one dictating to me or telling me things were not allowed or not possible. I have only read about countries like that and have always appreciated America for our freedoms. I think many of our young people have no idea what I mean by this, or have no idea of what it would be like to live in a controlled environment. They are in for a major shock.


While we are here in this free society, I hope all of you make the most out of it. I have already said to you that you need to live your life to the fullest while you can, because things always change when you least expect it. So what does that mean for you today? We all have aspirations for something different: you may want more financial security, you may want more time at home, more time to pursue your hobbies, or even have peace of mind for your future. Or maybe something else. I may sound like a broken record that keeps playing over and over again, but what we offer in 4Life can give you all of those things and whatever your personal wishes are.


I am not crazy. I have been with 4Life ever since it began and have now reached the age of 78, so I know a thing or two. Whatever you want, we have it for you. It is that simple. Also, as I have talked about, it then comes back to one thing and one thing only… and that thing is YOU! Nothing happens until you happen. You are the sole person in charge of your own life. You will decide your destiny. You will make it or not, based on your decisions. What is so great is that no matter where you are in life, you can always start over again, and do it differently. Good Heavens! Look at me! I started over again after losing my parents at the age of 58!! I started from square one and rebuilt my entire life. It is never too late, my friends.


I have said this to you before…you must call upon your own passion!

Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to ZEAL. The winner is he who gives himself to his work, body and soul.” –Charles Buxton


When you see extraordinary things such as academic achievements, athletes who over-excel, or anyone overcoming an impossible obstacle, they often give all the credit to the passion of their heart. You must find your passion, no matter how long it takes. It will produce much happiness and many rewards for you. Your passion must be just that: a passion that drives you through all challenges. You need to find the passion of YOUR heart, then you need to feed it to keep it alive. I suggest that after you get this part done, the next thing to do is find an appropriate mentor who will guide you to reach your own goals. And do this with the knowledge that you, yourself will one day be a mentor for others. I want to remind you here that a part of my goal in forming Team Bond was to be that mentor to all of my team. In doing so, we founded our website (with my son’s help), where you have complete support and successful, proven trainings in how to reach your goals.


It is your job to find your passion, then fuel your passion, and that fuel is the inspiration you find!

  • Stay in the game, even when you are knocked down!
  • Do everything with integrity!
  • Stay out of debt!
  • Abolish your personal fears. They will inhibit and restrict your performance.
  • Love!
  • Laugh and infect others with laughter!
  • You will begin to live a stress free life!


When I started this weekly blog, I wanted it to be a tool to talk directly to YOU! I hope you read each week with that knowledge. This is for YOU from ME, as if we are having a cup of tea or coffee together. I have always cared deeply for every member of my team and dedicated myself to helping each of you reach your own chosen goals. But heaven forbid if you tell me you want to go to the top of 4Life! You will have to hang on, my friend, this will be the ride of your life! I love all of you!






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