Bonnie’s Blog Week 11


July 27th, 2020

Hi again, everyone!


I hope you are well and safe! It is so interesting to watch how our world evolves at times like these. So many different points of view, so many frustrations, and so many ways to show them. We just have to keep praying for the world and peace of mind. I especially pray that you have peace of mind. Many things we can contribute to, but there are so many others we can do nothing about ourselves. The one thing you can control is your own life. This is a gift to all of us. You can choose your life and your lifestyle. If you are unhappy with any of it, you can choose to change it. Isn’t that a miracle for all of us? If you cannot see the clarity of that thought, please sit down and ponder it, because it is true if you are willing to be in control of your own life. You must have courage. You must have a will to change; have the energy and stamina to carry out the decision. You make a plan, you get into action and you follow through. You keep going until you complete what you want and get to how you want to live.


Last week I told you something that I would like to repeat now: Go out there and create the life you want to live! No one else will do it for you, but you can! You may not believe that, but guess what? You can never stop believing in yourself. Once you believe, something miraculous will happen: You will see it! What would you do if I asked you to suspend your disbelief for just a few minutes and then told you to believe and act as if it were impossible to fail? This is how you need to proceed! Believe! Let that belief govern your actions! Sometimes it is easy to read these lessons, but not so easy to implement them. It is only a matter of you making the effort. Do not allow yourself to hold back. Make the decision and go for it. It will change your life and bring forth the things you aim for. You will never know if you don’t take that step. What a shame that would be!


Most people go through similar feelings. Some have more courage to move ahead then others. Some are scared and don’t know how to muster up their own courage. If your desire is big enough it will help you to do this. You have to want a change from something in your life so badly that you realize a change is necessary. Then you must have a talk with yourself. What will happen if you do nothing? Most likely a year from now, or even five years from now, everything will be the same and you will have spent all of that time dissatisfied with your life. Why? There is not a point to doing that when you might have spent that time totally happy and excited about changes in your life. Get a hold of yourself! No matter what you think right now, you are totally capable of doing this. In time, you will grow to know this yourself. You just have to start.


This virus has made it blatantly clear that life is unpredictable and can change at a moments notice. It is so important to live the life you want while you are able to do so. Please do not wait for a tragic moment to realize that all of this is true. Take action now, while you can. And remember…


The best way to predict your future is to create it!


I love you,






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