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Blanche Feng



It has been a wonderful experience working with a great company like 4life.  The most important thing that attracts me to make a decision to go full time with 4life is the leadership in the company and the distributors.  I enjoy working with all my uplines who have shown integrity and characters in building the business which also helps me attract strong leaders into my organization.  Since I started to be a member of the Team Bond  World Team, I found more people to learn from and I appreciate the support from all the leaders.

Blanche Feng


Team Bond WORLD Team Apprentice


10-10-09 Blanche with Robert Lee, Dr. Fung and George Fei

Blanche Feng 時刻都充滿了戰鬥力, 在她的身上總是散發出, 樂觀, 專業, 的形像, 只要你聽過她的課, 就一定會對這位超級講師留下深刻的印像, Blanche 憑藉著她在傳銷界多年的經驗, 在4Life找到了她的理想與目標, 她的自信與努力成為下線學習的對象, 透過她的培訓, 為我們的組織創造出了極佳的凝聚力以及組織文化, 我們非常榮幸能有麼優秀的領袖成為我們的夥伴一同為華人市場的發展來付出心力!

Blanche always shows her enthusiastic about 4Life.  She is the image of optimist and professional.   Once you have her training class, you will never forget this incredible super trainer.   With years of experience in MLM, she finally found her vision and goal in 4Life.   Her confidence and endeavor is the example to her downlines and because of this, she created the coherence of our organization.  We are so blessed to have such an excellent leader to partner with us to develop Chinese market.

George Fei



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Blanche Feng has been a tremendous representative and teacher of the Team Bond Business Builder System.  She is a true pioneer in the sense that she is instrumental in following our team’s philosophy of accomplishing the Mission Impossible!

This mission is to re-establish network marketing to its original intent of following a proven system that will literally create success for anyone who applies themselves to it. Blanche’s steadfast and professional methods are greatly impacting this mission.  She is strong, focused, and committed to the success of her team.  We are very honored to have her on our team!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


5-09 Wendy David and Bianca, and Blanche in Bonnies suite at convention -Wendy Young Photos 004

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