Bernie & Jean Johnson – Diamonds

Bernie & Jean Johnson


I got into 4Life through a friend, who asked me to look online and check it out. In fact I did check it out and found out it was not only a legitimate company, but a very successful one as well! I then went to a meeting and joined.  After only 6 months we are Diamonds!  I now make money and I am able to help people with their health. 4Life is just great!!

Bernie & Jean Johnson



When we first met Bernie and Jean we knew we had some dynamite people in our group.  They were very entrepreneurial people that think outside the box.  Bernie and Jean have been in several other businesses and built them to success.  Bernie and Jean have now reached the Diamond level.  They are an exciting couple that will go on to Presidential and above!!!!  They are a joy to work with and are turning into fine teachers for their own group.

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