Barbara Wagner – GOLD International Diamond

Barbara Wagner



“Growing up in Germany, I was taught that, with hard work and commitment, I can achieve anything. Upon coming to the United States, I realized that this is a country driven by entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes to shape their own destiny. I made the decision that I would do whatever it took to succeed.

I first became interested in 4Life® because of the products. As I experienced the benefits of quality health support, I wanted others to feel the same. I found reliable dedicated business partners whom I respect and, together, we’ve developed daily work habits and motivational rituals that have not only led to success, they have made us better people.

When I awake in the morning now, I am filled with gratitude to live my life…the life I have always imagined. I travel. I work in three continents. I set my own schedule. I form my own team and decide who I spend time with every day. I am most thankful for David and Bianca Lisonbee, and to 4Life for this opportunity. No other business would have allowed me to have a huge and positive impact on other people’s lives.

The joy is truly in the journey.”


Barbara and I go back many years to the early days in 4Life.  After taking a full seven months to gain her attention for this business, she jumped in with her running shoes on, and hasn’t stopped since!

Barbara is a deeply caring person who gives her heart and soul to her organization.  Her leaders and distributors become much more than a business, they become true family members.  She has demonstrated month after month and  year after year that she is simply tireless in her focus and efforts to help each and every person achieve their goals.

With Barbara’s background of having been at the top of a previous networking company, she focused on gaining that same position in 4Life. It wasn’t long before she jumped from one position to another and finally achieved Gold International Diamond!   She is a great example to all of Team Bond and 4Life itself!  We are proud of you, Barbara!

Bonnie Taylor

PLATINUM International Diamond