August 11, 2013 – Team Bond KOREA 1 Day Seminar

On Aug 11th, there was something BIG!!!!! Happened in Zamsil, Seoul!!!! That was revolutionary event on Medical, 4Life, Transfer Factor. There was no extra seats available… with more than 300 people at the 14th floor of 4Life Korea center, and I never seen such a passion of all of them who attened that meeting. That was Team Bond One Day Seminar, and it was great!!!!!!!If you do not know about Transfer Factor yet, then you should find out, and try them for you and for your family. I happened to know this wonderful GOD’s miracle molecule 12 years ago, and I never seen such a passion since then until today!!!! In Korea!!!!!! There was a big fire !!! in Korea !!!!
I believe there will be TFs in each family dining table soon…. Also I believe this is perfect item for global business opportunity at this time of the world!!! With little efforts and time, you could make more money by full time any other jobs!! That is why I could not be quiet about this wonderful TFs. Let us go forward from now Korean fellow leaders, and with your truth and trustful hearts, it will touch all of Korean’s hearts with TFs. This is prevention medicine and Wellness what we are doing!
Gold International Diamond
Dr. Jase Khyeam