Andre Jimenez – INTERNATIONAL Diamond

Andre Jimenez


I am coming from a family of 16 children and I am # 9 and my brother Tiano, who is also my business partner in 4 Life # 16.  11 are still kicking!

I came from a poor family, but very full of love. My parents had a farm and worked hard but my father did not understand finances. This was the reason I wanted to go to the U.S. to work hard and help my parents pay back the loan they got.

So I worked with a garbage company for 14 years and later I started becoming a hair stylist. This is when I met Barbara Wagner, my partner and friend. In 2001 she introduced me to 4 Life and it was the best decision I ever made. Barbara is a great coach and mentor and under her guidance I began to grow and became a International Diamond..

My aim is to help others to do the same thing , learn hot to duplicate and experience health and wealth.

Andre Jimenez



Andre has been a good friend of mine for many years and he was always open to health products. When I approached him with the business opportunity he was skeptical because he knew so many different companies. After stepping into 4 Life he realized how incredible Transfer Factor was and  he began to build a great organization in both U.S. and Mexico, where he is from.

Andre is a very caring person and loves people and he spends time to make sure they understand there is nothing like Transfer Factor in the market.

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