Alex Wii! Team Bond’s 1st DIAMOND in Papua New Guinea

Alex Wii

Papua New Guinea


Team Bond’s FIRST Diamond from Papua New Guinea!

And he achieved the rank in ONE MONTH!

I am a primary school teacher and I am married with four children. My dream with 4Life is to one day accomplish becoming the first Platinum International Diamond in Papau New Guinea, living a healthy and wealthy life with my family, travelling around the world and supporting my CHURCH!

I am excited to have such an advantage of building my 4life business in such a developing country as Papua New Guinea! I struggled at the beginning to start my 4life business, so I took off one year from my teaching career, and eventually GOD heard my prayers, blessing me with my upline Barbara Wagner who supported me from the
beginning… and today!

Alex Wii



I am so thrilled that Alex Wii from Papua New Guinea ( PNG) became a Diamond within 1 month in business! Even though I have worked internationally for so many years I have not been very familiar with this country and I have learned every day.

Alex is a teacher and took a leave of absence to work 4 Life full time.

I admire his strength and determination and it is such a pleasure working with him.

PNG is a country without almost no infra structure and therefore it is pretty challenging. However, Alex believes in himself and his dreams and his motivation is high and I am impressed about his attitude. He is challenging me and I greatly enjoy and respect that.

Barbara Wagner

GOLD International Diamond