A Word from Dr. Jase Khyeam

Dear Team Bond world leaders:

I respect and love all Team Bond leaders around the world!!

We have the best new product, EZDX, which is only in Korea for now. It is an easy way to a healthy immune diet program. We have no other company to envy and no products to compete with our own! We have the industry’s best weapon in the world! Jinsun and I have re-achieved the 4Life’s best of best rank, Platinum President’s Club, once again. It is also a big honor that we are helping so many people around the world with the 4Life opportunity!

I think my wife and I would not have been able to make the Platinum PC Club without all of your help (your teamwork, success, and your respect and love for each other). I think that the glamorous position we made is due to all of Team Bond’s hard work together! I am convinced that Jeong Gyeong-Rye has also joined the PC Club as a team player to prove that we all follow our team bond system. We have all proven that if you follow the successful team bond system you could achieve the top President’s Club level easily.

The leaders of Team Bond are a family, a symbol of “We Run As One!!!”. With this kind of good culture and loving environment, the success of our each of our leaders are made by just believing in our system and by taking action. We need to pin up with our team work and get the freemen with our Team Bond family. I believe we all only have to go ahead and run as one!!!

We have to think of the motivation for us to work hard and “Why 4Life?”. Establishing your own goal and revising the goal today will drive you faster in the right direction. Please come back in good spirits and make up your mind on this great opportunity for your life. Team Bond will guide you in the right direction for your success.

I love you all!
Thank you so much!
We work together for a big dream!

Dr. Jase Khyeam