4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray



4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray Primary Benefits

• Features the immune intelligence of Transfer Factor XF® and the immune intuition of NanoFactor

• Easy to use-just spray and swallow

• Delivers protection to the point of entry for many pathogens

• Soothes the mouth and throat with aloe vera

• Includes additional immune-boosting ingredients such as colloidal silver, lactoferrin, zinc, and vitamin C

• Gives you the convenience of an on-the-go spray bottle

What makes this product unique?

Transfer factors are molecules found within the bodies of all mammals and birds. They transfer immune intelligence and promote the immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember invaders seeking to threaten health. Transfer Factor XF is 4Life’s extract of transfer factors from cow colostrum.
Nanofraction molecules possess natural intuition and function as part of the complex “command and control” network of the immune system. NanoFactor is 4Life’s patent-pending extract of nanofraction molecules from cow colostrum.
In an independent study, 4Life Transfer Factor XF raised Natural Killer cell activity by 204 percent.* Natural Killer cells are on the front lines of your immune system.
In recent findings, 4Life Transfer Factor increased production of protective IgA antibodies in the mouth by an average of 73 percent.† IgA antibodies reside on the surface of mucous membranes and bind themselves to potential immune system invaders
Colloidal silver has been touted as one of the most effectively-absorbed forms of silver.
4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray soothes the mouth and throat with ingredients such as marshmallow and aloe vera. It also contains additional immune-boosting ingredients such as lactoferrin, vitamin C, and zinc
Its unique and effective spray delivery system makes 4LifeTransfer Factor Immune Spray, palatable and easy to carry with you and use throughout the day.
4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
This formula is available as an easy-to-dispense fresh mint or citrus orange spray.