4Life South Korean New OFFICE Opening HUGE SUCCESS!!

February 8, 2010


Congratulates 4Life in a successful opening of their new office in South Korea!

All the greatest leaders in Korea attended!

February 8th, 4Life held a wonderful celebration for the ribbon cutting ceremonies of their new and bigger office location.  Over 300 people
attended, along with 4Life VP Alan Michalis and Korean office GM Tony Lee. Top dignitarians from the Korean society attended at well,
making it a very prestigious and wonderful event. Drs. Jase and Jinsun Khyeam, Gold International Diamonds played a big role in this opening, along with Grace Chun, one of Team Bond Koreas top leaders.  There was much interest generated by the attending guests, all displaying great interest in becoming part of 4Life.  The word is out in all of Korea that 4Life is definitely a company on the move, as they increase business every single month!  And Team Bond Korea are the ones leading this amazing growth.


The Korean Office Expansion Opening Ceremony was held on Feb 8. We had more people than we expected with VIP’s from our socitey in Korea, including Ex-Congressmen(several), top Executives from distinguished corporations from Korea, (all of them are taking TFs), and they showed some or great interests doing 4Life business after they came to our opening meeting. 4life VP Mr.Alan Michalis was there as well as Mr. Tony Lee, 4Life Korea’s GM.

Becky Khyeam and Grace Chun were there with me on the cutting ribbon ceremony…

It was great day! There is rumor, and truth saying that 4Life is amazingly increasing in business in Korea now….

Dr. Jase Khyeam

GOLD International Diamond

Team Bond WORLD Team


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Dr. Jase Khyeam