4Life South Korea National Convention – November 2016

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 1, 2016) 4Life South Korea recently held a national convention at The K Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The event was attended by 2,200 distributors and guests.

Senior Vice President of International Jeffrey Kalinin: “It was an honor to celebrate the many achievements of Korean distributors. Because of their hard work and dedication, we have seen amazing growth in this market.”

The convention included recognition of rank advancements, including Gold International Diamond Kim Young Ran, 30 International Diamonds, and more than 400 Diamonds. South Korea also celebrated the launch of three products in the market: Prime Fiber, PRO-TF® Chocolate, and 4LifeTForm Ignite.

South Korea General Manager Tony Lee: “Since 4Life began doing business in South Korea in 2003, the market has grown immensely. I know it’s because of our cutting-edge products and our outstanding compensation plan.”

The convention featured presentations from 4Life executives, a product presentation by Chief Scientific Officer David Vollmer, PhD, and motivational speeches by Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Jase Khyeam and Grace Chun.

Vice President of International Preston Richards: “Direct Selling News named South Korea as the third largest direct selling market in the world. The future of 4Life in South Korea is very bright. Let’s keep the momentum going!”

Other top 4Life leaders at the convention included Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Jinsun Khyeam and Mr. Lee Sun Woo. Gold International Diamonds included Son Jae Min, Kang Ok Nye, Hong Suk Eui and Kim Mee Joung, Bak Mi Ae, Choi Ki A, Kwon Han Sung, Ok M. Kim, Seo Jeong Sook and Jun Moon Ki, Choi Suk Yoon and Park Im Ja, Park Jung Hyun, Seo Ji Seon, and Yeo Soo Jeong and Dr. Choi Yong Seok.

 A big thank you to Dr. Jase Khyeam, Platinum International Diamond, for providing these photos!