4Life South Korea Business-Building Training Course!

Salt Lake City, Utah (April 5, 2016) 4Life South Korea recently held their second business-building training of the year at Daemyung Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea. More than 500 distributor attendees learned valuable skills and tips for becoming successful leaders.

“These trainings provide distributors with insight from top 4Life leaders to help them find creative new ways to build their businesses,” said South Korea General Manager Tony Lee.

Distributors received advice on how to accomplish goals and overcome challenges, and attended lectures by famous instructors like Professor Lee Min Gyu and Ms. Kim Mi Kyoung who discussed ways to make positive change. Distributors also heard personal success stories from 4Life leaders.

In an inspirational session, Gold International Diamond Ms. Bak Mi Ae encouraged distributors to never give up. “Often a person feels the most like giving up right before he or she achieves the greatest success,” she said. “If you can overcome the difficulties of the moment, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

The training was attended by several 4Life leaders including Platinum International Diamonds Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo. Also in attendance were Gold International Diamonds Son Jae Min, Kang Ok Nye, Ms. Bak Mi Ae, Choi Ki A, Ok M. Kim, Kwon Han Sung, Seo Jeong Sook and Jun Moon Ki, Choi Suk Yoon and Park Im Ja, Park Jung Hyun, Seo Ji Seon, Yeo Soo Jeong and Choi Yong Seok.