4Life Korea Holds Eight Discovery Seminars!

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 10, 2016) 4Life Korea held eight discovery seminars during the month of February to help distributors build their businesses. Hundreds of people attended the seminars, which were held at different locations throughout the country, with the largest event attracting 400 distributors and guests.

General Manager Tony Lee: “Through discovery seminars, distributors learn important business tips from 4Life leaders. Those who are interested in joining learn more about the company, products, and business opportunity. We will continue holding these seminars throughout the year—they were a great success.”

Seminar attendees learned about the 4Life business opportunity through valuable lectures which included presentations on how to succeed in network marketing and how to share 4Life products. In addition, 4Life leaders shared their personal success stories and business-building strategies.

Top 4Life leaders attended each of the events including Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Jase Khyeam, Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo; and Gold International Diamonds Son Jae Min, Kang Ok Nye, Hong Suk Eui and Kim Mee Joung, Ms. Bak Mi Ae, Choi Ki A, Ok M. Kim, Kwon Han Sung, Seo Jeong Sook and Jun Moon Ki, Choi Suk Yoon and Park Im Ja, Park Jung Hyun, Seo Ji Seon, and Yeo Soo Jeong and Choi Yong Seok.