4Life Incentive Training Camp in Taiwan

4Life distributors and corporate members gathered for the first annual training camp for leaders in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others throughout the region. The event was held at the Dabangen Hot Spring Vacation Resort Villa, Sanxia in Xinpei City, Taiwan.

The 4Life Incentive Training Camp attracted more than 100 participants. The forum offered 4Life leaders an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop strategies for business-building in their markets.

Senior Manager Greater China Jenny Bean: “4Life corporate places a deep trust in our leaders’ ability to develop their 4Life businesses throughout the region. 4Life offers people the best products and a strong business plan. Every facet of the 4Life brand intends to support people as they push to achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Top distributor leaders in attendance included International Diamonds George Fei, Zhang Yueshuang, Jenny Wang, and Timothy Chu. Corporate representatives included Senior Manager Greater China Jenny Bean and Taiwan General Manager Kyle Yang.

Taiwan General Manager Kyle Yang: “It’s wonderful to see business builders from so many markets connect and share strategies for growth. I look forward to the next training camp event.”