4Life CEO Visits Asian Markets

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 31, 2016) 4Life President and CEO Steve Tew met with hundreds of distributors during a three-country tour of Asia. His visit coincided with a national convention in the Philippines, a 15-year anniversary event in Japan, and a success rally in South Korea.

“The timing of this tour couldn’t have been better. It gave me the opportunity to celebrate the company’s historical success, as well as the success that independent distributors presently enjoy,” said Tew. “From anniversaries to our highest sales volume month in company history, we’ve much to be grateful for as we drive toward our upcoming international convention.”

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Numerous distributor leaders attended from across the region, including Platinum International Diamonds Jeff Altgilbers, Dr. Jase Khyeam, and Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo. Gold International Diamonds in attendance included Bak Mi Ae, Choi Ki A, Choi Suk Yoon and Park Im Ja, Hong Suk Eui and Kim Mee Joung, Kang Ok Nye, Kwon Han Sung, Manami Uemura, Manny Koh, Nadzrul Salim, Ok M. Kim, Park Jung Hyun, Seo Jeong Sook and Jun Moon Ki, Seo Ji Seon, Son Jae Min, Tadashi Shinjo, and Yeo Soo Jeong and Choi Yong Seok.

Various corporate employees joined Tew along the way including Vice President of International Steve Apple, Vice President of Research and Development Brent Vaughan, Vice President of Events and Recognition Lesley Dunn, Vice President for Southeast Asia Michael Seet, Director of International Yukako Kaiser, Philippines General Manager Eileen Tan-Dario, Japan General Manager Yutaka Nagahama, Korea General Manager Tony Lee, and Director of Recognition Jann Shaw.