4Life Brazil Appoints General Manager: Mirassul Dilamar Pereira



Today, 4Life executives appointed Mirassul Dilamar Pereira as the company’s General Manager of its twenty-third marketplace, Brazil.

Pereira comes to 4Life with a degree in Business Administration, a graduate degree in Information Technologies, and years of experience as an independent distributor in network marketing. Most recently, his professional responsibilities as a Director of Corporate Resources included the oversight of 6,000 employees, twenty-three offices throughout Brazil, and managing a budget of 23.5 million USD.

Vice President, International Derek Cordon: “One of the most impressive qualities about Mirassul is his experience in driving large and complex organizations. Couple this with his unique understanding of compensation and distributor motivations, and I’m certain that he will prove a great corporate representative for the distributors of Brazil.”

As 4Life’s newest market with corporate headquarters in São Paulo, the country`s largest city, the company’s on-the-ground presence will support customers and distributors alike with meeting facilities, a product store, and general operations management throughout South America’s largest country. Pereira’s responsibilities will include overseeing Brazil’s day-to-day operations, developing relationships with 4Life distributors, and ensuring that 4Life’s brand is properly represented.

Pereira and his wife Cristiane have three grown children, two sons, and one daughter. During his free time, Pereira likes to fish, barbeque, travel, and spend time with his family. His personal interests include history and technology.

Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin: “It’s always a pleasure to welcome new corporate professionals into the 4Life family. In collaboration with 4Life distributors, our General Managers play a crucial role in the success of the company’s international markets. On behalf of everyone at 4Life Global Headquarters, we welcome Mirassul and look forward to his leadership.”

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